Jaguar XK/XKR Starting Problems

The British luxury automaker, Jaguar, has been producing the grand tourer XK series for almost twenty years. This popular line of vehicles includes the second generation XKR, starting with the model year 2007. As great as these cars are, however, owners do encounter repair issues from time to time.

Some owners of the XK and XKR have reported problems starting their vehicles. The issue is serious enough to require the car be taken in for repairs via a flatbed truck. Once the car has been jumped it appears to operate fine, that is until the next time it fails to start.

Of course, the first thought here would be to check and make sure that the battery is fully charged. It seems obvious that this check would be performed once the car is brought in, so if the problem continues there may be an electrical issue at play. Some Jaguar XK/XKR owners who have reported similar problems found that the solution involved disconnecting, then reconnecting the battery. Some were able to have the problem fixed by rebooting the car's computer. Others have had the problem resolved by manually releasing the gear stick. If any of these solutions work, that's great. However, in some instances for some drivers, the problem had nothing to do with the battery or the car's computer.

If you are are experiencing problems starting your Jaguar XK or XKR you would be well advised to bring it in for inspection by a local Jaguar service expert. They will give you an estimate on all repairs which will more than likely be cheaper than having the work done at the dealership.

Search for a local, independent Jaguar repair shop with Jaguar mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.