Jaguar XJ 351 Sunroof Shade Issues

The Jaguar XJ X351, 2009 – present, was noticed for its stylish body designed by Ian Callum. This import, which looks significantly different than the previous generation, features an impressive 20-speaker surround-sound system, lane-departure warning, and more. Despite the X351’s impressive offerings, like any new car, this model is known for a few common problems such as sunroof shade issues.

Drivers have reported problems with their sunroof shade system failing to close completely. Oftentimes the glitch manifests after their Jaguar has experienced a battery failure. This malfunction, however, can also occur at random. In come cases the sunroof will not open all the way, and sometimes it will close, but not tightly. This can mean rain or snow can enter the cab and cause further damage.

Owners have noted that they are able to reset their system on their own by closing the window on their hands, but this can be extremely dangerous if the panel fails to stop, and it is not recommended. Other drivers follow the resync instruction included in the vehicle manual. This process includes holding down the button for an extended period of time after which the panel will open and then close in order to adjust itself. Some owners, however, have reported that these instructions are difficult to follow, and sometimes they fail to hold the button down for a long enough period of time.

If following these instructions fails to resolve leaks, gaps, or other sunroof shade issues, contact a nearby British import specialist. Independent, specialized mechanics will have the experience and equipment to efficiently troubleshoot any of your XJ X351’s problems, and they will be able to offer affordable solutions. Moreover, they will be familiar with recalls and warranties specific to your make and model, which can result in further savings.

Search for a local, independent Jaguar repair shop with Jaguar mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.