Jaguar XK/XKR Moisture in Headlights

Jaguar, has been producing the luxury XK grand tourer series since 1996 with the second generation beginning with the model year 2007. The XK and the XKR model is a popular one and has been a great success for this British auto company. However, mechanical issues do crop up from time to time.

One such issue that has plagued a few owners of the Jaguar XK series, is moisture that collects inside the headlights. This problem likely stems from a poorly designed headlight seal and has been known to occur in other brands of cars as well. This hardly matters to Jaguar owners who notice that the problem seems to worsen over time.

Apparently this issue of moisture getting into the headlight is due to the faulty seal that separates the headlamp glass and the headlight shell. While this issue seems to have been addressed in more recent models, vehicles made from 2007 up to the present time may suffer from this faulty seal. This might not pose an immediate safety concern, but it is annoying for the owners of these cars and if the problem worsens the effectiveness of the headlights could be called into question. It is best to have these types of problems addressed.

If you are the owner of a Jaguar XK or XKR, and you are experiencing problems with moisture in the headlights, you should really consider taking you car in to an independent Jaguar repair specialist instead of the dealership. There's a good chance it will be cheaper.

Search for a local, independent Jaguar repair shop with Jaguar mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.