Jaguar XK/XKR Cabin Temperature Inconsistency

The iconic British automaker, Jaguar, has been in business for almost a century. Despite getting their start as a manufacturer of motorcycle sidecars, the company today produces quality luxury autos like the XK series (including the XKR). From 2007 to present, Jaguar has been producing this grand tourer, but not without some repair issues.

One issue that some owners of the second generation XK have reported concerns the interior temperature of the cabin. Owners claim that the air conditioning units of these vehicles seem to reset themselves after they have selected a desired temperature. The air feels warmer as if the AC has independently raised the temperature for which it must cool the cabin.

This can be a very annoying problem to encounter especially in the warmer summer months. Folks who live in southern parts of the United States may also experience high temperatures for much of the year and they rely on the AC unit to function property. A simple fix may be all that is required. For example, having the default codes checked might be the first remedy that a mechanic would suggest. While it may be something as simple as default codes, it could also be the result of a more serious electrical issue.

If your Jaguar XK or XKR is experiencing a problem with the cabin temperature, then it is a good idea to bring it in for evaluation by an independent Jaguar repair specialist. A foreign car mechanic may be the cheaper option than taking it to a dealership.

Search for a local, independent Jaguar repair shop with Jaguar mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.