Common Repairs on the Jaguar XJ (X351)

The Jaguar XJ X351, produced from 2010 to 2019, is a luxury full-size sedan that blends modern design with classic Jaguar elegance. Featuring a sleek and elongated body, it exudes sophistication and offers a spacious and opulent interior. The XJ X351 showcases advanced technology and infotainment systems, including a digital instrument cluster and a panoramic glass roof. With its comfort, performance and timeless style, the XJ X351 still has some common faults, which include:

Timing Chain Problems:: Some X351 owners have reported hearing a rattle on cold starts or a restricted performance warning on the dashboard. This may be because the timing chain is jumping. Have a qualified Jaguar mechanic take a look and listen.

Water Pump Failure:: The X351 is prone to have the water pump failing prematurely. If you notice a coolant leak around the water pump or a low coolant level warning message, this could be the issue.

Sunroof Shade Issues:: Many owners have noted that their sunroof system stops closing properly. This is usually a sudden occurrence, and sometimes this happens after the import suffers a battery failure.

In-Cabin Creaking Noises: The X351 will sometimes have unknown creaking and screeching sounds that often originate near the vehicle’s doors. If the door seals appear wrinkled, you may have located the issue and it should be repaired by a professional.

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