Jaguar XF Sunroof Noise Problems

The Jaguar XF was so eagerly anticipated that the company decided to use a codename, X250, just so that news about its production wouldn’t be leaked too early. Designed to replace the Jaguar S-Type, the XF was subsequently updated in a Supercharged version and the XFR, both released in 2009, which introduced powerful schematic updates to the automobile. Some owners report that their XF Supercharged or XFR suffers from sunroof noise problems.

This is one of those issues that doesn’t really pose any danger to your life or the safety of your vehicle, but it is tremendously annoying. The most common story is that the sunroof is quiet until the car is taken over a bumpy road, then the window rattles and clanks around in a markedly disruptive manner. There are also reports that the noise increases during the cold weather so that smaller and smaller bumps will cause rattling and other noise.

There are a number of possible causes for this phantom sound, and it’s worth checking out each one. Firstly, you might be dealing with loose screws, bolts, and other hardware that holds the runners and glass in place. Or you might be dealing with an improperly installed sunroof that is uneven and needs adjustment. Finally, and, surprisingly, the most common solution, the issue might simply be that there is an excess of dirt and grime around the rubber seals that prevent water from leaking through the roof. Over time, and especially if you live in a dusty area, there will be enough of a buildup to cause an audible and highly irritating sound.

Taking care of the problem might not seem like such a big deal, but it is always prudent to have professional mechanics around whenever dealing with automobile issues, especially ones of an unknown origin. Taking your XFR or XF Supercharged to a local Jaguar service technician can save you a headache and resolve the problem in no time.

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