Jaguar S-Type Gearbox Fault in Reverse

Unveiled at the Birmingham Motor Show in 1998, the Jaguar S-Type was a modernization of the classic 1950’s S-Type that had been out of production for years. Fitting snuggly into the mid-size luxury car class, the S-Type’s subsequent generations continued to feature technological and aesthetic adjustments and innovations. The X204 and X206 (manufactured from 2004 until 2007) occasionally gearbox faults while in reverse.

The gearbox is one of the most important components in the car. If it malfunctions, the ability for your car to shift from one gear to another—to enter into any gear at all—will be severely impeded. Among S-Type owners, the most common gearbox malfunction occurs when attempting to put the car into reverse. Owners report that at this time a fault light comes on and the car shifts into “limp mode” (i.e., it doesn’t move it all). The engine needs to be completely shut off and turned back on before the car can enter into a reverse at this point. Furthermore, when the car is turned back, the fault light doesn’t come back on and it is as though nothing at all were the matter.

The simplest fix for this, and the thing that could very well be the cause, is a software update. Modern cars rely heavily off of computer systems that, like all computers, need bugs fixed and glitches smoothed out every now and again. A malfunctioning gearbox might very well be due to just such a needed upgrade. Other, more physical causes, could lie in loose bolts that help hold the transmission and shifter cables in position, or you might have dangerously low levels of transmission fluid.

Pinpointing the exact location for your gearbox malfunction is almost as difficult as repairing the malfunctions once you find them. In order to better perform both of these actions, we strongly recommend that you contact an independent import service garage where experienced professionals can diagnose and solve all your gearbox problems.

Search for a local, independent Jaguar repair shop with Jaguar mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.