Jaguar S-Type Climate Control Problems

Jaguar introduced the updated S-Type at the Birmingham Motor Show to both critical and consumer acclaim. Over the next decade, several generations were introduced, including the X204 (2004) and the X206 (2006), both of which were early adopters of touch-screen navigation technology. Occasionally, S-Type owners report climate control problems.

Being able to maintain the proper climate in your car is almost as important as being able to drive it in the first place. A car without air conditioning in the summer is almost as totally unbearable as a car without heat in the winter. X204 and X206 owners who experience climate control malfunctions say that they also come without any warning lights, when the coolant is at the right level, the engine running smoothly, and with generally no other indications that there might be something wrong with the car.

Because it no other systems seem to be affected, you can start looking into a more localized problem, something specific to the climate control. A good place to start is with the electrical wires. Frayed or damaged wires will cause a short that could cause the climate problems you are experiencing. Other common issues lie with the dual climate control valve (DCCV) and the climate control module (CCM). If either of these components are damaged or in any way malfunctioning, you will experience the exact sort of inability to shift into certain climate modes.

So, how do you fix the problem? Easy! By taking your S-Type to a specialized Jaguar repair technician you can save yourself from sweating/freezing to death, and you can put less pressure on your wallet than if you’d gone to a dealer. A qualified mechanic such as you’ll find in these locations will have no problem discovering the exact location of your problem, and you’ll be back up and running in no time.

Search for a local, independent Jaguar repair shop with Jaguar mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.